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drum page
I've been a drummer for 16 years now. (makes me realize how old I really am) I play TAMA drums exclusively. I am the proud owner of a '95 model, 9 piece set of TAMA Artstar II's. They are "Imperial blue" and certain ways that stage lighting shines on them, changes them to shades of purple and black. The thunder from the bass drums is amazing! And the snare is wood and matches the rest of the set. I also use ZILDJIAN cymbals exclusively. (except for a set of PAISTE hi-hats)
This is not an actual picture of my kit.
Although the setup is an exact match and the cymbals are close.
I started playing a little later in life than most I guess. I was 14 when I got my first set of drums. I must have driven my parents crazy, but they always encouraged me no matter what. I guess I was really lucky to not have snotty neighbors also. My first set was an off brand, 4 piece kit with 1 cymbal and a hi-hat. I went from that to '71 10 piece double-bass set of Rogers. Talk about being on top of the world. A drummer friend told me once, "There's nothin' like a new kit". He was right! Whether they are "Showroom" new, or just new to you.

My first band was a Country band. "Durango". I'm not ashamed of it. I learned how to play. My family couldn't afford for me to take lessons, so I learned by listening to tapes over and over until I could hit every lick that the drummer on the tape played. I'm talking hours upon hours of play, rewind, play, rewind. But in the end it paid off.
In '86 I went to Nashville, TN with a Country band. We were just kids. At the time I was the oldest in the band at the age of 20. Man we thought we were it! We were pretty good for a bunch of kids. We played some bars that we shouldn't have even been in and caused more than one jaw to hit the floor when they heard what a bunch of kids could do.
In late '87 I moved to an area just East of Chicago. Man the music scene was so radically different there. That's during the time that "Glam rock" was on it's way out and "SPEED metal" was just becoming a household word. I then met the most phenominal bassist that I've ever had the pleasure to work with. He and I put a cover band together,"Nightwing", and started playing the local jam nights playing everything from Motley Crue to U.F.O.
After several member changes and band split-ups, we were involved in another project together..."FORMULA" which to this day I believe was the best band I've ever worked with. We wrote some really intense, technical music together and created close friendships. And the audiences we played for seemed to enjoy hearing us as much as we enjoyed performing for them.
I guess when it all comes down to it...playing for the huge crowds we played for was one of the most exhilerating experiences I've ever known. Memories of those days and nights last a lifetime...

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