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As of 4/16/2002 this web site will be changing. My wife Mindy passed away 3/30/2002. She was my love, my partner, and my best friend. I will be posting a memorial page for her. I hope that you'll bear with me during this time. Thank you:
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In "My pages" you'll find information about me, my family, friends, hobbies, and friends I've made on the net. These pages were designed by me basically because right now I have way too much spare time. If you like them, or you would just like to get something off your chest, please E-mail me.
In "The links" you'll find helpful people, places, and things that I've found through my many hours surfing, and searching the internet. YAHOO! is a great place to chat and meet new people. ICQ is a very useful tool. If you are looking to have a web page built, or hosted, Zap's pages will be of particular interest to you. He's really talented , knowledgeable, and just an all around good egg!
I will be posting "New stuff" regularly, so please come back often and see what's new here. It could be anything from downloads to just new personal pages added, like this one! So please bookmark us so that our site doesn't get lost in this vast swamp we affectionately call "The web".


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