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...Welcome to my personal page...come on in, the water's fine...relax, ...have a cold one and enjoy yourself.....ladies, swimsuits are optional.....

New pic will be up soon!

...Congratulations to Steve Morgan and family on the birth of their new baby girl, Amber Lynn Morgan!!! ...Born 3/11/98 ...Happy Birthday Amber!!! ...Congratulations Steve!!!...

A little info about me:
  • I Live in Arkansas.
  • I love race cars!!!
  • I'm a musician.(drummer for 16yrs)
  • I'm 31yrs old. 5'11", 175lbs. Long br/hair, Blu/eyes.
  • I have a 7yr old daughter. Lauren Nicole.
  • I'm married to Mindy, aka Spindle006.
  • I'm a Machinist by trade.
  • I'm getting "Brain strain" from this computer.
In general:
  • Well, I'm kinda new to all this web page design stuff, but I have a few friends pointing me in the right direction. I've only been online since June of '97 and already I've learned so much. A lot through trial and error, and so much more from some very helpful folks that I've met along the way.
Where can I be found?
  • I hang out with all the "BRAINY" cats at YAHOO! chat.
  • If I'm online, I can be reached on ICQ almost anytime!

My family...

Lauren and Steve(isn't she cute?)
This is my Mindy aka Spindle006(what a babe!)

A short story about when I met Mindy
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The Cow is Now!
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