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An interesting story...
Once upon a time, this long-haired musician met a really cute part-time model. She didn't really pay any attention to him, she was caught up in a relationship at the time. He thought to himself, "Man, if I could only meet someone that would love me like that...this guy is really lucky".

A year or so later, the same guy saw the same girl at a local tavern, but something was wrong. At this point, the little 5'2" 100lb girl drew back and hit her, then husband, in the mouth so hard that his knees buckled! Took 3 girls and 2 bartenders to pry her little frame off of his head. This was hilarious and intruiging to say the least.

Now I've always tried to at least "think" that I'm somewhat of a gentleman, so when this young lady was left without a ride and being kicked out of the tavern, for beating up a guy twice her size, I offered to be of assistance. Little did I know what I was getting myself into.

On the ride home, this young lady was hysterically crying, pounding the dash of my car, and screaming. Now understand, this girl is dressed to kill in a white mini-skirt and high heels...WOW!!! As I tried to calm her down, I think she finally started to notice me. She said it was over between them, as though I hadn't figured that out by this point, so I guess I saw this as a chance to slip her my number. Terrible of me I know. My band had just had new business cards printed up, so I slipped her one and told her to call me and we'd go out to eat or to a movie. I got absolutely no response from her. She got out of my car, and that ended the night.

It took over a year before I'd hear, or see anything from this girl. And I'd never be the same...